Graham-Sutliff In 2008, I co-founded Sutliff & Stout to protect the rights of individuals facing the daunting task of litigating against big insurance companies and corporations. Today that mission has expanded to include creating safer communities, using the law as the primary tool for doing so. This blog is meant to act as another tool for creating safer communities, and for protecting the rights of people who find themselves harmed by no fault of their own.

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Texas Hot Air Balloon Crash

Texas Hot Air Balloon Crash Calls Federal Regulations into Question Austin, Texas – The deadliest hot air balloon accident in the history of the United States has observers questioning whether […] Read more

Get Off Your (Damn) Phone!

Making a phone call to a friend or texting/e-mailing while you are driving, can me more dangerous than ponying up to the bar on West Sixth Street, ordering and taking five Jager Bombs and getting behind the wheel.

Could Hoverboards Impact Super Bowl 50?

If, by chance, Cam Newton does not listen to his coach’s advice and gets knocked out of the Super Bowl by a hoverboard as opposed to an Denver defender, he should call a products liability lawyer