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Ever day careless and inattentive drivers put Houston motorcyclists at a significant risk of serious injuries or even death by failing to share the road.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Houston motorcycle accident, Sutliff & Stout can help. Our Houston motorcycle accident lawyers represent motorcyclists in personal injury lawsuits against the parties responsible for their injuries and other losses.


If you were injured in a motorcycle accident because of the carelessness of another, contact us or call us at (713) 987-7111 to discuss your rights. Our Houston motorcycle accident lawyers are dedicated to aggressive representation of motorcycle accident victims that yields results.

Filing a Lawsuit After a Motorcycle Accident

Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Dealing with the aftermath of a motorcycle accident can be difficult, especially if you were hurt badly in the accident. The costs of doctors visits, surgeries, prescription medications, and physical therapy add up quickly. Your injuries may prevent you from working, causing your family to suffer additional financial hardship. Many motorcycle accident victims feel like they have nowhere to turn. We are here to tell you that you are not alone.

Our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers can help you take an important step on your road to recovery. By filing a personal injury lawsuit after a motorcycle accident, you can gain financial security as well as a sense of closure in knowing that the party or parties responsible for your injuries will be held accountable by a court of law.

Is There a Time Limit for a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit?

It is important to understand that you must file a personal injury lawsuit within a certain period of time. A procedural rule known as a statute of limitations requires most motorcycle accident lawsuits to be filed within two years from the date the accident occurred. The statute of limitations can prevent your case from being heard by a court regardless of how strong your claims are. This is one of the many reasons why you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible following a motorcycle accident.

What is a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

A personal injury lawsuit is a civil legal action initiated by an accident victim who wishes to recover money for his or her injuries. Sometimes, filing a personal injury lawsuit is the only way to cover the expenses associated with a serious injury.

Texas law provides a path to justice for Houston motorcycle accident victims. By filing a personal injury lawsuit, you may be able to recover money damages that take into account:

  • The cost of any past and/or future medical care;
  • The cost of ongoing treatment such as physical and occupational therapy;
  • Pain and suffering you endured as a result of your injuries;
  • Lost wages due to missed work following your motorcycle accident;
  • Income you will lose over time as a result of permanent disability; and
  • Time you were unable to spend with your family members and loved ones.

A motorcycle accident lawyer can explain how a personal injury lawsuit may help you provide for yourself and your loved ones in the future.

Case Studies

  • $1,140,000.00 Settlement

    Our client was significantly injured in a motor vehicle accident. She required two back surgeries as a result. However, the insurance company did not believe that her injuries were real because the property damage resulting from the collision was less than $1,000.00. Sutliff & Stout was engaged and filed a lawsuit. After over a year of litigation and right before trial, the insurance company agreed to pay $1,140,000.00. The net recovery to the client was $502,817.00 in addition to the payment of over $200,000.00 in medical expenses.

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  • $350,000.00 Settlement

    Sutliff & Stout settled Doyle’s case for $350,000. Doyle was involved in a head-on collision in Marshall, Texas. He had a non-operated neck injury. The insurance company did not want to compensate him for his injuries because it said that he had prior neck problems (although those problems were unrelated to the injuries he sustained in the accident). Sutliff & Stout retained various medical professionals to prove that the prior problems were unrelated and that Doyle needed to be compensated for his injuries. Net recovery to client was $176,691.00.

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  • $115,000.00 Settlement

    Chris suffered a broken leg when a city vehicle crossed three lanes of traffic and a median and slammed into him at 65 mph head on. The client went to ten different lawyers, but none of them would take his case because of the significant legal hurdles that exist in suing the city. Sutliff & Stout, however, investigated the claims and aggressively pursued the case. Through significant efforts, Sutliff & Stout was able to obtain a $115,000 settlement for Chris. Net recovery to client was $67,000.

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