When 18 wheeler trucks collide with vehicles the resulting damages and injuries can be catastrophic. If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious collision with a commercial truck, it’s crucial that you work with the best possible Houston truck accident lawyer for your case. Here we’ve provided advice on what to look for as you choose a truck accident lawyer to represent your interests and fight for the compensation you need.

Published on August 22, 2017
by The Sutliff & Stout Staff

For the best chance of receiving sufficient compensation to pay for the damages caused by a truck accident injury, you need a reputable lawyer on your side. But not just any lawyer will do.

Truck accidents are much more complicated than car accidents. Semi trucks are not only much larger than passenger vehicles, but they have different legal issues involved. They require a skilled and educated legal professional who is familiar with the various laws that apply to trucking companies and truck drivers.

You also want a Houston truck accident lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the investigation process and is not afraid to get information from trucking companies, insurance companies and crash reconstruction experts.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an 18 wheeler accident, it’s critical that you understand how to obtain the legal help you need to win your case against the negligent party. Read on to find out what you need to look for as you perform your search for the best Houston truck accident lawyer.

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1. The Best Truck Accident Lawyers Have the Ability to Take Action Quickly

Of course, experience is essential when it comes to choosing a truck accident lawyer. But experience can be useless if your lawyer fails to come up with a plan or take quick action. Insurance companies act quickly and they have various tactics in place to ensure you don’t get the money you deserve. They want to settle for as little as possible.

Your 18 wheeler accident lawyer needs to have a detailed plan in place to deal with these tactics and ensure that you receive the highest settlement amount possible.

2. The Right Truck Accident Lawyer for Your Case Will be Near You

Houston 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyers Near Me You’ve probably seen many 18 wheeler accident lawyers advertise on TV, radio, and on billboards around Houston. Many of these firms have no local offices. They work on a national level and take in cases from all over the country. Just because you see a firm on TV or hear about it on the radio does not mean it is the best.

To these law firms, you may end up just being a case number. We suggest that you choose a local law firm with experience handling complex trucking accident cases instead.

At Sutliff & Stout, our attorneys offer friendly, personalized service. We deeply care about you and the outcome of your case, and we will fight tooth and nail to make you whole.

Our Houston truck accident attorneys are actually in Houston. From our office at 550 Post Oak Blvd #530 we advocate for the interests of Texans injured in serious 18 wheeler collisions.

3. Reputable Commercial Vehicle Lawyers Will Have Solid Client Reviews

Before you choose a lawyer to represent you we suggest that you go online and check out Google reviews for the truck accident lawyers in your area that you’re considering.

We suggest that you don’t only focus on the overall star rating of the truck accident lawyers you research, but also that you look at the quantity of reviews, and the substance of the reviews. Does the reviewer focus on the lawyer’s experience and personality? Do they all look like they were written by the same person? Also, there should be recent reviews. If the last review was from five years ago, there’s an issue.

At Sutliff & Stout, we have over 45 reviews of our Houston law office on Google. We also encourage you to check out this video testimonial from a former truck accident client of ours. Further, we invite you to read and watch additional client testimonials here.

4. The Best Trucking Accident Attorneys in Houston Understand the Complexity of These Cases

You don’t need us to tell you that collisions with 18 wheeler trucks frequently cause significant, often catastrophic injuries and damages. Because of this, it’s critical that the lawyer you choose to hire has specific experience with complex commercial trucking cases.

At Sutliff & Stout we’ve handled many trucking accident cases, and we’ve recovered millions for our clients. Our success is a direct result of our intimate knowledge of 18 wheeler accident lawsuits. We encourage you to browse the articles below to get a sense of what makes these cases so complex:

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5. The Best Trucking Accident Attorneys Have a History of Great Results

Many lawyers have “awards”, but the best trucking accident lawyers have results. We suggest that you ask the law firms you’re considering about truck accident cases that they have won and the settlement amounts. Here are a few of our past results for our truck accident clients:

18 Wheeler Accident Settlement: $2,750,000.00

Sutliff & Stout took over the legal representation of a family whose former legal counsel attempted to settle their case for less than $300,000.00. The client sustained a burst fracture of the spine and a broken ankle as a result of the accident. Sutliff & Stout successfully obtained $2,750,000.00 settlement on behalf of the family against the Fortune 500 Company defendant. Net recovery to the client was $1,600,000.00.

Trucking Accident Settlement: $2,500,000.00

Sutliff & Stout filed a lawsuit against a driver who carelessly tried to pass a car in heave traffic in West Texas. The actions of the driver caused a substantial head-on collision. As a result of the collision, our client suffered tears to his rotator cuffs and required shoulder surgery to his left and right shoulder. He also had to undergo ESI injections for pain in his neck. The client did not have health insurance and the at-fault insurance company refused to help so our Firm helped make arrangements for the client to get the care he needed to recover. In order to help the at-fault insurance company and, eventually, the jury understand our client’s damages, we hired a life care planner to discuss our client’s future medical needs and a vocational expert to discuss how the client’s injuries would affect his ability to earn a living in the future. While the cost of such experts and other case related expenses were substantial (our Firm had to invest $42,955.80 into the case), it paid off because we were able to successfully resolve the case for $2,500,000.00. Net recovery to the client was $1,458,044.20.

18 Wheeler Accident Settlement: $2,300,000.00

Sutliff & Stout filed a lawsuit against Russell Transport, Inc. relating to a collision that occurred on July 4, 2012. As a result of the collision, our client had to have back surgery. Russell Transport, Inc. tried to blame our client for the collision, but after extensive discovery we were able to show that our client was not at fault. Using an aggressive and proactive approach to the case, we were able to successfully resolve the case for $2,300,000.00 in less than nine months. Net recovery to the client was $1,320,000.00.

Truck Accident Settlement: $1,825,000.00

Sutliff & Stout was retained to help a worker who was injured when the trailer upon which he was leaning was struck by an 18-wheeler. The client sustained injuries to his neck and lower back. Defendants argued that the impact was not sufficient to cause the client’s injuries. After investing over $89,000.00 in the case and preparing it for trial, we were able to obtain a net recovery to the client of $861,005.00 in addition to the payment of over $144,480.98 in medical expenses.


6. The Right Truck Accident Attorney for You Will Come to You

After a truck accident, the injured victims could be hospitalized for days, weeks or even months. This can make it impossible to get to a lawyer’s office. This should not prevent you from getting the legal guidance you need to secure your financial future.

Our Houston truck accident lawyers will go above and beyond to meet with you and secure you as a client. We know that filing a claim needs to be done in a timely manner, and we’ll do whatever it takes to remove the burdens you face so that you can focus on healing.

Contact Our 18 Wheeler Injury Lawyers for Immediate Help

If you were injured in a truck accident, time is of the essence. Trucking companies know how to hide evidence that is needed to prove your case. Hiring an experienced attorney is of utmost importance. Don’t try to handle this sort of case on your own.

The truck accident lawyers at Sutliff & Stout are here to help you recover the maximum amount of compensation possible. We are experienced in truck accident claims and are willing to do what it takes to fight for the legal rights of you and your family. Our aggressive representation has helped us win numerous cases. We invite you to give us a call, shoot us a text, or send us an email to schedule a free consultation.