guide-to-personal-injury The time following a personal injury can be scary and confusing. We find that personal injury clients are often hesitant to contact us for a free case evaluation before gaining a full understanding of the personal injury process.

For that reason we have created a personal injury guide with articles written by real personal injury lawyers to help you understand your situation:

Texas Personal Injury Laws

If you are injured in the state of Texas, or if you are the family member of someone who is hurt, you may have heard about the possibility of filing […] Read more

Personal Injury Lawsuit Timeline

The reason why someone may file a personal injury lawsuit varies from injuries sustained in a car accident to injuries acquired because of a doctor’s mistake.  If you have been […] Read more

Maximum Medical Improvement

Getting the maximum settlement or award in a personal injury case is always the goal. Personal injury attorneys use a wide range of available types of damages to collect the […] Read more